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Quality, technology, development

Elektronik Art was founded in 2002 by a group of engineers with the aim to create advanced devices for transmitting video, audio and data over the fiber optic to be used in video surveillance systems.

With the development of the technology park and associated advancement of the research and development we have succeeded to create a local, Lublin-based technological and organizational structure. Taking advantage of the domestic industry and the local human potential our company is able to design and manufacture advanced electronic devices for the acquisition, analysis and optical transmission of electric signals.

Our devices are used in many large-scale urban monitoring systems, systems used in the mining industry, military installations and systems of high quality HD.

We perform our own research and development in the field of optical fiber technology. We strive to produce devices with the highest standards applied at every stage from the design to assembly, production launch and customer support. All our products are designed and manufactured in Poland.