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Optical patchcords, pigtails

Patchcords i pigtails:

Following the demand of our clients for the comprehensive service in the field of fiber-optic transmission technology, in addition to our devices for video and data transmission we provide our customers with full range of services including training in the implementation of fiber optic technology, the purchase of patch cords, pigtails, fiber optic cables and accessories (patchpanels , switches, standing and wall-mounted cabinets, etc.).

Elektronik Art offers a full range of fiber optic patch cords and pigtails with connectors: FC, ST, SC, E 2000, and others.

fiber:  multimode (MM), single-mode (SM);
standard polishing: flat, PC, SPC, UPC, APC: 8 degrees, 9 degrees;
type of cable: 0.9 mm cover tight and full of 2,4-3,0 mm
fiber type:  50/125um, 62.5 / 125um, 9/125um;
ferula type:  ceramic;

insertion loss (IL): <0.15 dB
return loss (ORL): UltraPC> 50dB, APC> 80dB

Patch cords and pigtails are manufactured according to customer specifications, using high quality connectors and polishing materials. All items are individually measured, bear a permanent marking that provides full traceability

Fiber optics cable

We offer fiber optic cables: gradient, single mode for use outdoors, indoors or universal and special purpose cables. Full range catalog including technical data of fiber optic cables is available on request by e-mail or telephone.

Fiber optic equipment

In our offer we have full range of fiber optic equipment: cabinets for hardware, patchpanels, switches, sockets fiber cable racks and other inventory..