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19” 2U, housing module rack

APP MidiRack 10 is the main element of Brabancja 2000 monitoring system.

The rack makes it possible to insert up to 10 devices such as video, data and audio fiber optic converters in 19” cabinet.

APP MidiRACK 10 is supported with internal, configurable RS-485 data bus which cooperates with electrical conversion module APP D485EM, enables to create data transmission system.

The rack is able to hold the devices such as: video APP V300/V330/V500, data APP D30/D33/D50/485 or audio APP A30/A33/A50.


Dane Techniczne

Zakres Temperatury Pracy: 0 do +65 °C

Wilgotność:  80% (względna dla 20°C)

Zasilanie: 230 VAC

Wymiary: 483 x 88 x 100 mm (19”, 2U)

Obudowa: aluminium anodowane



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